My life started off like everybody’s...I had a mom and a dad. 

Who I was when I was young is actually who I am now....deep in my soul.  Staying on course, of my life, was the biggest challenge in the last 50 years!  It’s really easy to be way laid by well meaning individuals and by society.  But...like rounding Cape Horn in stormy seas, you can’t let go of the helm! 

This is my heart’s story....

I was loved....I loved deeply....I lost love.....I lost my self....phew....here I am....lets begin again....NOW!

My 50 years in a nutshell....

Child, adolescent, grown up, college, travel, marriage, built a home, gave birth, raising children, divorce...letting go...recreating ME

Know that like you...I’ve suffered, I’ve laughed, I’ve struggled,           I’ve loved, I’ve learned, I’ve let go, I’ve lost, I’ve been loved, I’ve lived

What is your heart’s story?

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Living Love

We all have a unique life, it’s ours, that’s an amazing idea! 

Do you know the purpose of YOUR life? 

Maybe I can help you....